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"He wants to call it War Wounds."

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So, it's almost 3 AM on a Monday morning and I've got school in about 5 hours. Since I don't plan on going to sleep, I'm just going to write another post to my journal that nobody reads (I'm seriously considering packing up and moving back to Wordpress).

I was reading a certain thread on the Insert Credit forums and it really got me to thinking about the finer things in life. If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a complete sucker for nostalgia. It's no surprise that I was inspired enough to write a post about the things I love, nay, the things that I LIVE for. Some are happy, some are sad, some are silly, but such is life.

10-11 AM. I don't know why, but when I'm layin' back at the crib, I ALWAYS look forward to that hour of time I get between 10 and 11 AM. It's like it's not quite the morning, but not quite the afternoon, either. And there's always usually something good on TV during this time. I just love everything about it. Everything just seems a little bit brighter around 10-11 AM on a Saturday while you're sitting in your living room in a t-shirt and boxers watching VH1.

Random plans. You know what I'm talking about. Your best friend and yourself stay up all night wrestling, watching TV, playing video games, and eating your asses off. Then 6 AM rolls around, you see the sun rising, and you randomly decide that you need to go swimming. And then walk to the movies. And then go roller blading. And then go chill back in your older sister's room, listen to her CDs, use her computer, and read all of those precious notes that her crew passed between themselves at school. These are usually the best days ever.

The ride home from a night out on the town with friends. There's just something magical about you and 3-4 of your homies driving back home after a long night of food, alcohol, and shopping. Singing along to whatever comes on the radio (regardless of what/how old it is) and talking more than you've ever talked before in your life. It's even better when everyone decides to stay over at one person's house. Then you get to all congregate in the living room watching Conan O'brien until you all pass the fuck out. It's magical, I tell you.

The morning after a sleep over. We all loved them when we were little, me especially. You see, my sister is 5 years older than me. Her best friend had a little brother that was a year older than me. Him and me were the bestest of best friends. So, when my sister invited her gang over for a sleepover, that meant my best friend was coming, too. Naturally, the sister's gang didn't want us hanging around them. But as soon as the sun rose the next day, there we all were: Back in my sister's room, in a sea of make shift beds all over the floor, with fresh plate of cinnamon rolls and Jenny Jones on the TV. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Wake Up, Wakefield. The SNL skit that went on a 3 year hiatus after Jimmy Fallon left the show and thus left poor Megan at the altar without a ring. What can I say? I love it. It used to be my absolute favorite thing about SNL. I love Maya Rudolph, and I love her even more whens he's dressed like a 15 year old girl. Dratch's nerdy, band queer Jewish kid just seals the deal. Everything about these sketches was fucking incredible, even if they weren't always that funny. Megan and Sheldon represent something that's in all of us. I'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely something.

Final Fantasy IX. I know, I know, nobody liked this game. The timing couldn't have been worse for this little gem, to be honest. It followed 2 games that had set the trend of futuristic settings with intricate and dark storylines. Then this came along. A game where a boy tries to help a girl. People fucking HATED it. It's a real shame because this game was the first one that actually made me cry at the end. And coming from me, that means A LOT. As soon as I saw little Vivi wondering through the streets of Alexandria at the beginning of Disc 1, I knew I was in for something special.

The opening cinematic of Onimusha 2. I love every single thing about it.

HBO Comedy Specials. There's nothing better than being up late at night stressing over homework/tests/whatever the hell and then having some relief in the form of hour long stand-up comedy specials. Dennis Miller, David Cross, Dane Cook, George Carlin, Lewis Black, they've helped me make it through many sleepless nights back when I used to care about school enough to actually go out of my way and study.

The smell of wet concrete during the summer. There's nothing else like it in this world. That intoxicating scent of sidewalk concrete soaked from the water hose and the subsequent water balloon fights, it's fucking brilliant. If youth had a smell, it would be that.

Chrono Cross. Once again, another game that most people hated for the wrong reasons. People were expecting another Chrono Trigger and then they all threw a fucking hissy fit when they saw how different this game was. Not me, though. I loved this game to death. Every single aspect of it was perfect to me. This was the game that made me realize what could be achieved in terms of story telling and character development within a video game. And the music. Oh my fucking God, the music. In my opinion, this game contains the best music that has ever been recorded to any game before in the history of the universe. It's THAT good. I have fond memories of faking sick back in middle school so that I could stay home and play this game. Also, it spawned a series of very interesting fansites back in the day. Back when Anipike was the go-to place for anime/game related links, the Chrono section was something to admire. Very rarely is a game so good that it actually spawns good fandom.

The Rentals. Can't get enough of sweet lyric soaked, Moog driven sound. "Pleeease, let that be you!"

Starbursts. More specifically, the Tropical variety. Even more specifically, the pink ones. Even more specifically than that, when you eat a pink one and an orange one at the same time. Fucking marvelous.

Double Team. That long awaited dream of our forefathers of having Jean Claude van Damme and Dennis Rodman team up to in a summer blockbuster was finally realized. What can I say? I was in 2nd grade and I fucking loved this movie. I still remember my best friend and me eating a couple of Double Cheeseburgers from McDonald's while we were watching this Academy Award winner. Then we beat the hell out of eachother because that's what the movie does to you. It gets you in the mood.

I'm kinda falling asleep at the wheel here. I'm sure I'll update this again sometime tomorrow.
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Been a while since I've updated this thing. No particular reason, I just didn't have anything worth writing about.

So, I haven't been to school in a week. I just skipped Thursday and Friday. Yesterday was a teacher's work day. Today is just another Tuesday, but I'm still skipping. I just told my parents that I was going to get one of my friends that has college release to come pick up and take me to school for my afternoon classes. But we all know that shit ain't happening. I think this is like the 11 or 12th day I've missed so far this year. I've literally been going a week and then skipping 2-3 days the next. Some people call it 'senoritis', but I just call it hustlin'.

Not sure how I'm gonna play this one out, though. Probably just tell my parents that I fell asleep or that I couldn't get ahold of him or something.

Not much else to report, to be honest. It's been quite boring these past few days. I turned 18 on the 7th, so yay for me.
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This week has been at least 6 kinds of fucked up.

But that doesn't now because the best thing in the world is unfolding before my eyes. And that thing is: "TO CATCH A PREDATOR" ON DATELINE NBC! YES! YES! YES!

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So, I woke up this morning and decided that I just didn't feel like going to my morning classes. I'm just going to go in at 10:30 and call it a half-day. What can I say, I'm a habitual school-skipper. Thank Christ it's my last year at that fucking place.

Basically just spent my morning catching up on some homework that was do a week ago, watching some TV, eating some food, downloading some stuffs, you know, the usual. I'm telling you, there's no better feeling in the world than guiltless class cutting.

Well, I'm gonna watch some Montel and then split. PEACE HOMIES.
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Good things are coming ahead, chaps.

And it's about goddamn time.
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That last post was made partly out of a fight I had with someone over the subject and partly because I wanted something to bitch about. [Camp Nowhere] This is my goddamn blog and I'll say any goddamn thing I want to. [/Camp Nowhere]

You know how you sometimes analyze your life and all the terrible choices you made along the way for about 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon? It's been one of those days.

Fuck my whole life, let's just look at the past week. Actually, let's look at the span of time between May of 2005 and right now. Eating, sleeping, internet, and then waking up to go to school. That's basically about as productive as my days have gotten. And sometimes I don't even make it to school.

Not sure why I've fallen into such a lifestyle, but it's gotten unusually comfy. A little too comfy.

So, what exactly happened in May of 2005? My sophomore year of high school came to a close and I lost the first real love of my life forever. The things a girl can do to a boy's mind, very peculiar it is.

I've never been particularly adventurous when it came to the opposite sex. Sure, I've had female fans before, but I've never done anything about it. I never make the first move, so to say. Most of my friends would probably tell you that I prefer a night out with my bhoys rather than a girl.

And that's true. For most girls. Not for this girl.

The guy who makes fun of the friend with relationship responsibilities - that was my role. High school drama and politics didn't affect me. Kids my age are dumb, they don't know how they really feel about these people they call their boyfriends/girlfriends.

That was pretty much how I used to think. Why get involved at all? I was happy with betting, drinking, and rugby. Until August of 2005, first day of school, right after lunch. Art class. Senior girl. Beautiful, smart, and popular. The SFOC (Super Fox of the Century), if you will.

Long story short, we sat together, started talking, got to know eachother, and I realized that I got unusually anxious whenever I thought about her. I was always looking forward to tomorrow. Everything just seemed a little bit brighter. Time just seemed to drag on and on when I was waiting to see her and flew by in an instant when I was with her.

As proud, as emotionless as I was, even then I had to admit: I was in love with her. Unfortunately, like all good things, it came to end. It was strange, in a way. I knew that she was graduating after that year and that I would probably never see her again, but I let myself get so attached to her anyway.

Isn't that dumb? Why did I give myself up like that? Even I'm having trouble understanding it. But like I said: I make a lot of bad decisions. And that's pretty much how things went. I haven't seen her since. Sure, I have my days were I try to pretend like I never met her. Sure, I have my days were I look back at those days with fond memories. But there's always that part of my day where I think about her at least once. And missing those feelings I had. And wishing I could feel that way again. And hoping that my life would shine again like it did back then.

I guess this is my rational side? Or is it my ambitious side? I have no idea, but it's a very motivating feeling. And I think it's time I acted on it.

I know I'll probably regret this. But this is my last year of high school, my last year of not having any responsibilities. My last year of my compulsory education. Time to go out with a bang
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WE: Women's Entertainment. I'm sure we're all familiar with this channel. For me, it's the one that I always pass by on my way to watch the Beeb. But lately, I've found myself stopping at this channel more and more. Why?

Because it's home to two of the most perfect examples of human garbage ever to grace the screen of a television: Crossing Over with John Edward and Bridezillas.

I am not a good judge of character by any interpretation of the phrase. If you're nice to me once, then I'm your friend for life. That's just the kind of fuckface I am. However, I do know when someone is making shit up in regards to hearing voices (or whatever the hell he hears in his head) from people that are dead. Not passed away. Not crossed over. Fucking dead. That's what they are. And because they're fucking dead, this means that they cannot communicate with Mr. Edward. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING DEAD.

Let's just go ahead and go against all logic and reason that has ever been established in the modern world for a brief second. What if he can hear dead people? This means that everything we know about science and the world around us is terribly wrong. And I mean terribly wrong. So, excuse me for being a skeptic to Mr. Edward's abilities.

And why the fuck can he hear everything the deceased is saying except for their fucking names? That's a pretty important part of process, if you ask me. Not once have I ever seen him say "Hi, I'm getting something ... Her name was Jenny!" No. Not ever. It's usually more like this:

Douchecunt: "I'm getting something ... Her name is ... Jen ... Jenny ... Janny ... Something like Jenny."

Clueless Fucking Idiot: "Her name was Jermaine."

Douchecunt: "Jermaine! Her name was Jermaine! That's what I needed to hear."

What the fuck? Not even 5 minutes later, he asks the woman for a picture of her dead mother that he's communicating with and he says that her mother has this to say about the said photo: "Not this one!"

Okay, so he can make out a phrase such as "Not this one!" but he just can't pin down a person's name.

And if you're going to put your faith into something like this and believe everything he says, then why not go ahead and believe in goblins? How about witches and ghosts? How about zombies?

I'd go on a rant about Bridezillas, but I'm too tired to attempt it. Maybe in an hour or so.
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Note to self: You're a wonderful actor and a terrible person.

Note to self: Don't ever do that again. You know what you're talking about.

I found a bag full of snacks under my desk during 7th period. PB & J, pretzel sticks, apple, oreos, chocolate chip cookie. You can tell a girl packed it. I guess it goes without saying that I ate all of it.

Writing about my day at school feels so juvenile and stupid.
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Note to self: Don't ever take showers between 5 and 6 AM

Also note to self: Start hitting the gym, this is getting embarrassing.
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