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fanta_love's Journal

7 October 1988
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I'm 18 years old. I'm a senior in high school. This means I have a lot of free time.

I like Premiership football, rugby, betting, and drinking. I make a lot of bad decisions. You can tell.

My other hobbies are movies, music, and games with varying degrees of good taste between each medium of entertainment.

My favorite colors are orange, pink, and yellow.

11 am, 3s, 4ch, ace of base, amazon, asian kung fu generation, babar, baseketball, betting, bill maher, biohazard, bone thugs, brawling, british comedy, broodwar, capcom vs snk 2, captain tsubasa, cartoons, chocobo, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cinema, clothes, cluben, clueless, conan o'brien, crash bandicoot, cute things, cvs2, dave chappelle, denki groove, destiny's child, detective conan, devil dice, dirty work, dragon quest, dreamcast, echidna, every little thing, expatriate, family guy, fantasy premier league, fashion, fifa, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, football, footie, four four two, fpl, france, french, friends, game industry, game journalism, game osts, games, glay, golf, gym class heroes, half baked, james bond, jay-z, jojo's bizarre adventure, kelly clarkson, king of fighters, l'arc en ciel, la liga, lego football, lewis black, liverpool, liverpool fc, lunar, lunar 2, lupin iii, m-flo, manchester united, mariah carey, marseille, maya rudolph, megaman legends, melody., mitch hedberg, moogle, movies, music, n.e.r.d., norm macdonald, nostalgia, orange, parasite eve, patton oswalt, photoshop, pink, playstation, poker, popular, premiership football, ps2, psone, ran mori, rascal flatts, reel big fish, resident evil, roberto baggio, rockman, romy and michele, rugby, saturday night live, sherlock holmes, shopping, silent hill, sister act 2, snes, soccer, stand-up comedy, starcraft, strawberry frappuccinos, street fighter, street fighter third strike, tekken, tetris, the bouncer, the critic, the fantasista, the simpsons, tintin, toro, vh1, video games, wake up wakefield, wallace and gromit, winning eleven, world cup, xi, yellow, zidane, zinedine zidane, zoolander