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School = Gay - fanta_love
School = Gay
Been a while since I've updated this thing. No particular reason, I just didn't have anything worth writing about.

So, I haven't been to school in a week. I just skipped Thursday and Friday. Yesterday was a teacher's work day. Today is just another Tuesday, but I'm still skipping. I just told my parents that I was going to get one of my friends that has college release to come pick up and take me to school for my afternoon classes. But we all know that shit ain't happening. I think this is like the 11 or 12th day I've missed so far this year. I've literally been going a week and then skipping 2-3 days the next. Some people call it 'senoritis', but I just call it hustlin'.

Not sure how I'm gonna play this one out, though. Probably just tell my parents that I fell asleep or that I couldn't get ahold of him or something.

Not much else to report, to be honest. It's been quite boring these past few days. I turned 18 on the 7th, so yay for me.
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